[Plugin] Punishmental v2.86

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[Plugin] Punishmental v2.86

Message non lupar darwine » 29 avr. 2012, 16:45


[fall] Falling: Kills the player by dropping them from block 200
[explode] Exploding: Detonates the player in an explosion, 'spontaneous internal human combustion' style
[strike] Lightning: Hits the player with a lightning bolt
[burn] Burning: Sets the player on fire
[hounds] Hounds: Releases a wolf next to the player
[end] End: Kills the player with no apparent cause - also ends any infinite punishment
[infall] Infinite falling: Makes the player fall constantly without ever touching the ground
[Creeper]: Spawns a creeper next to player
[web] Webbing: Surrounds the player with webs, slowing their movement
[void] Void: Teleports the user to the void
[invoid] Infinite Void: Teleports the user to the void and maintains their health, making them stuck
[lavablock] Lava Block: The next block the player destroys becomes lava
[hole] Hole: Digs a 25 block deep hole underneath the player, dropping them to their death
[teleport] Teleport: Teleports the player to a random location, distance set by config file
[freeze] Freeze: Freezes the player in place - they can't move or interact until ended
[irongolem] IronGolem: an irongolem is spawned behind the player, set to target them
[fexplode] Fake Explosion: Same as explode, but with health targets and no environment damage
[fstrike] Fake Lightning: Same as strike, but with health targets and no environment damage
[hailfire] Meteorite: Throws a fireball from the sky at the player
[blind] Blind: Reduces the players view to about 3 blocks, after which it fades to black
[drunk] Drunk: Makes the player's view turn wobbly and unstable. Very Confusing
[starve] Starve: Makes the players hunger bar enter the "Starved" stage
[slow] Slow: Halves the players normal moment speed
[poison] Poison: Makes the player poisoned
[strip] Strip: Makes the player poisoned
[nether] Nether: Makes the player poisoned
[floorportal] Floor Portal: Turns the ground underneath the player into a portal
[chatroll] Chat Troll: Makes the player say the text you put >ADD TEXT TO SAY AFTER DELAY, in [special arguments]<
Glass: Teleports the player to a glass platform in the sky
[shoot] Shoot: Fires the player up into the sky (explosion-style)
[Paranoia] Paranoia: Plays various noises to the player at random times and locations - My favorite


/Punish [Punishment] [Player] [Optional Damage or 'x'] [repeat] [delay in seconds] [special arguments]
/Punish [Player] [Punishment] [Optional Damage or 'x'] [repeat][delay in seconds] [special arguments]

Type /Punish followed by the type of punishment you wish to issue. see the list above in brackets for the commands for each punishment. Then type the username of the player you wish to punish. If it works, a message should appear saying so.
Adding any number from 1-20 on the end will also set the minimum amount of damage that the punishment will cause. For example, typing /Punish hounds rjsowden 5 will spawn an angry wolf next to player rjsowden, which will die after rjsowden has suffered 2.5 hearts damage (1 heart = 2 health points, half a heart = 1 hp). Using /Punish burn rjsowden 10 would set rjsowden on fire until rjsowden has suffered 5 hearts damage. It must be noted that this feature is only supported for certain actions: An explosion would still kill the player because thats what explosions do when the player is in the middle of them, but an 'fexplode' would do the requested damage, because it isn't real. If you want to do the punishment several times in quick succession, adding a number after the health will make the punishment repeat that amount of times. For example, to spawn 5 iron golems behind the player you would use /p irongolem rjsowden x 5 . having an 'x' as the health shows the plugin is to ignore this field

source : http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-me ... 2-5.54355/


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Re: [Plugin] Punishmental v2.86

Message non lupar ReFLExX » 29 avr. 2012, 21:56

La fessée à quiconque brisera une règle ^^



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