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Postby jig » Wed Sep 24, 2014

- Added item inventory functionality (Default: Spacebar)
- Various materials can be salvaged off of fallen dinosaurs
- Crafting is now done within the inventory
- Added essential recipes
- Added craftable traps: Arrow Trap, Whistling Trap, Barrage Trap, Smoke Trap, Launch Trap *
- Large dinosaurs can now be damaged by arrows
- Changed expertise to be rewarded from salvaging dinosaurs instead of slaying them
- Campsites are now able to be built in the caves
- Removed expertise-shrines
- Various effects and adjustments

* A few seconds after being placed, a trap will become active and completely hidden to everyone. They can be tripped by humans, dinosaurs, and even the owner.
* A trap will self destroy if not triggered within a few minutes.

Arrow Trap - Trip - Low cost trap that fires a single arrow in a specific direction.
Whistling Trap - Proximity - Once triggered, all undistracted dinosaurs in a quarter-mile will investigate this location.
Barrage Trap - Trip - Rapidly fires an onslaught of arrows in a broad general direction.
Smoke Trap - Proximity - Impairs vision and snares movement of the target.
Launch Trap - Proximity - Sends the target sailing into the air, prone to fall damage. (Doesn't work on dinosaurs)


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