Patch Notes 29 mai 2014

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Message non lu 30 mai 2014, 11:57

- Added prone
- Added craftable item: Tribal Shield*
- Roped and prone hunters now start drowning when submerged
- Sprint is now a toggle
- Increased sprinting speed + updated animations
- Hunters can no longer sprint while in critical condition
- Optimized some bandwidth-intensive content
- Daytime is now 50% longer than nighttime
- Increased arrow speed and hit radius
- Increased arrow count to 10 (Previously 6)
- Reduced arrow crafting time to 10 seconds (Previously 16)
- Reduced max bolas to 3 (Previously 6)
- Increased bolas hit radius
- Reduced bolas un-tie to 7 seconds (Previously 10)
- Fixed a case that enabled building structures under water
- Reduced Expertise requirement for all dinosaurs by half
- Roped or incapped players who disconnect will have their character erased before leaving the server
- Increased the number of concurrent dinosaurs
- Fixed bolas being heard from across the map
- Fixed a bug that prevented small dinosaurs from spawning in solo mode
- A single hit from a Carnotaurus or Ankylosaurus is now lethal against hunters
- Updated cage model so prisoners can move around
- Updated teepee collision to have a bigger opening
- Added LODs to campsite items
- Fixed prisoners being able to deconstruct their own cage
- Added a HUD element for arrow/bolas reserve
- Added resolution options in the display menu
- Fixed dinosaurs not dying when they fall into lava
- Improved foliage on Capa Island

* While active, the tribal shield will block all hunter weapons and interactions from the front, and can also bash hunters or small dinosaurs who get too close.



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