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Happy Easter Bundles

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Easter is around the corner and to celebrate we came up with some extra special Bundle Packs for you to enjoy the holidays on the battlefield!
The Easter Pack will give you Veteran Membership and Ribbon Boosters, to kick-start your soldiers through the first days of Spring and, as an extra special treat for all players who just can’t get enough, we introduce the Veteran Year Pack with 365 days of Veteran Membership and as many Ribbon Boosters as any Easter Bunny can carry!

The event starts Friday the 18th of March at 03:00 US EDT / 09:00 CET and ends Wednesday the 30th of March at 03:00 US EDT / 09.00 CEST. Click the dates to see when this is in your timezone and note that yet again the European Union switches to Daylight Savings Time in the middle of the event as well JUST to add a pinch of confusion

Why would you want that? Because Ribbon Boosters give all your soldiers a four hour lasting boost of 75% in gaining ribbon experience and Veteran Membership increases all earnings, experience and gives you an extra Combat Badge Slot, as well as an extra Weapon Slot.

The Easter Pack gives you the following Veteran Membership and Ribbon Boosters


10 Days Veteran Membership

10 x Combat Movement Ribbon Booster

10 x Physical Training Ribbon Booster

10 x Defense Ribbon Booster

10 x Tactical Ribbon Booster

If playing through the holidays is just not enough for you, check out the 365 Bundle!

The Veteran Year Pack gives you the following Veteran Membership and Ribbon Boosters:


365 Days Veteran Membership

Battle Ribbon Booster

Tactical Ribbon Booster

Defense Ribbon Booster

Ground Support Ribbon Booster

Combat Movement Ribbon Booster

Physical Training Ribbon Booster

Infantry Assault Ribbon Booster

Handgun Assault Ribbon Booster

LMG Assault Ribbon Booster

SMG Assault Ribbon Booster

Close Combat Ribbon Booster

Explosives Ribbon Booster

Armor Assault Ribbon Booster

Armor Damage Ribbon Booster

Driver Ribbon Booster

Chauffeur Ribbon Booster

Tank Driver Ribbon Booster

Tank Destruction Ribbon Booster

Dog Fight Ribbon Booster

Tactical Bomber Ribbon Booster

Parachute Ribbon Booster

Recon Ribbon Booster



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