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SMITE Rainmeter Skin

Message non lupar darwine » 04 nov. 2015, 12:14


DOWNLOAD HERE: ... -570062430

Almost every button within the SMITE GUI has been used within this Rainmeter Suite.

It is my very first project, and first time using Rainmeter.

I figured a good way to learn the code would be to create a suite from scratch so I set out to do it using my favourite games interface (with permission from Kaotic, I made sure to ask!).

Enjoy it, and please share to anyone you know who may love to have the SMITE GUI as a functional desktop!

If you frequently play SMITE, you WILL get confused potentially and hit the 'close' button (Shuts down your PC!) while you get used to it.
I have done this many times while creating the skin.


Within the .ini file in the skin for the top buttons you are able to change if you want them to be links or ability to open a drop menu (seen in the image).

By default the inner most buttons are drop menus and the rest are normal click links.


Clicking the bottom-right most button will open the main pop window which has links to open the basic windows libraries.


This was an awkward one to get working nicely, but I absolutely love it now it is finished.

Clicking on any of the pantheon icons will change the wallpaper, player icon, and other images (see image before) to the pantheons theme.

System Chat Box


Within the SMITE chat box it has details to show you your CPU usage, RAM usage, Download usage and Upload usage.

Clicking the small [+] button will open a pop out menu which you can easily toggle which of the 4 measures you wish to see.

Media Player


Movable skin for the Media Player. Clicking the middle button at the bottom (see image) will open and close.
This skin has controls for media players (see for supported players) which includes volume up and down, next and previous song skip and open/close the program itself (see "iTunes" button)


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