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Patchnotes for v. Indignant Koala 12/11/2013

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Message non lu 12 déc. 2013, 20:04

Changelog for v. Frustrated Koala 10/12/2013

Hi guys, so last night we pushed the major balance update. We’d tested it for hours and at the last
minute a bug crept in that broke crafted weapon damage, making them crazy overpowered.
Hence the name of this version.
We’ve decided NOT to wipe characters or worlds. This means if you already have overpowered items
or planets they will remain that way. We’d recommend starting a new character to assist with beta testing.
That’s been fixed. It was an interesting bug. The old leveling system used a “level” specified
in each swords configuration file. The new system no longer uses “level”, instead each sword is
hand balanced. The bug that crept in at the last moment reenabled “level”. Given that they are now unused, levels weren’t
changed from their previous values that went all the way up to level 100, and now that the game
is leveled up to 10, they were massively too powerful.
- Uranium, plutonium and solarium now work as fuels
- You can now REALLY craft a grappling hook
- Boss balance has been tightened even more
- Platinum armor is now unlocked on tier 5
- You can now ‘recapture’ pets
- some more fixes
More coming ASAP! It’ll take us a little while to balance everything just right, so please hang tight.

Re-posting, the build is actually live this time! Go update! :)

Changelog for v. Indignant Koala 12/11/2013

There are a whole bunch of improvements to balance here, particularly in the early game.
We aren’t wiping characters or worlds, but if you want to experience the proper balance
you should make a new character/worlds to play it on!
- Nerf the hell out of birds, they no longer attack you at long range, lower damage, don’t follow you forever.
- Monster projectiles across the board better balanced
- Shields better balanced
- Early armors better balanced
- Melee weapons better balanced
- Ores better balanced
-AI improvements
- you can now craft lanterns (similar to sixxes’ lantern mod!)
- you can now craft a new back armor to help light caves
- fixed the bubble gun crashing on mouse over
- improve grass ( Suggestion by Dracyoshi)
- You are now invincible on your ship (this requires a new character)
- You need to be hit a lot harder to get knocked back
- some UI updates
- Drills now destroy 3×3 blocks
- nerf fall damage
- You can now turn 10 unrefined wood into coal in the furnace
- New “melting” status effect on lava makes lava super dangerous (watch out)
- Other misc changes
As always, more coming your way soon!



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