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Datamining 4.14

Message non lupar darwine » 27 juil. 2017, 16:12

Ajout 4.13 Datamining data (Hachiman & Dungeon old info)
Ajout plus d'info Dungeon Adventure
Ajout plus d'info Season 5
Ajout Nouvelle section Odyssey 2018

New Skins
Season Ticket – Fountain Skin -> Confetti
Artemis (Skin 8) + Gold skins
Chiron (Skin 6)
Sun Wukong (Skin 6) + Gold skins
Zeus (Skin 10)

Kukulkan (Skin 10) – Model above
Also a ward – Corrupt Kukulkan
Skadi (Skin 5) – Model above
Summer of Smite
Amaterasu Summer
Bacchus Bear
Chiron Unicorn
Cu Chulainn Summer
Xbalanque Fire



Hachiman is the god of war on Japanese / Shinto pantheon. He is known also for being an archer mounted in a Horse.

Basic Attack
Damage: 35 + 2.35/Lvl (+100% of Physical Power)
Has an explosion in basic attack?
Hachiman gains bonus physical power for each nearby god.
Skill #1
Toggle skill, probably changing the basic attack effect, pretty much like Rama or Izanami
Consumes mana I guess, like Rama’s #1
Right mouse cancel
Skill #2 – Reaction
Right mouse cancel
Special Hit
Damage Buff
Skill #3
Does a knockup and a roll, not necessarily in that order
You can do charge then knockup or knockup then charge.
Cooldown: 10s
Cost: 20
Skill #4 – Shooter / Projectile
Horse Charge
x2 Speed
Can shoot during charge I guess?
Ends the carge with an explosion

2018 Odyssey

The 2018 Smite World Championship is near! This Chest contains a single random item that could be:

Odyssey Chest
A 600 Gem Skin, 400 Gem Skin, 300 Gem Ward, 250 Gem Skin, 200 Gem Voice pack, an Avatar, a Global Emote, a Recall Skin, an Announcer Pack, or a rare chance at Exclusive items or Convention skin.
Odyssey Bonus Chest
Welcome to the 2018 Odyssey! This Odyssey Chest contains a single random item from the following list: A 600 Gem Skin, 400 Gem Skin, 250 Gem Skin, 300 Gem Ward, 200 Gem Avatar, 200 Gem Voice Pack, or a rare chance at an Exclusive item, Convention skin, or a 3 day Booster.

Season 5

Remember we’re almost half year from Season 5, these are just temporal mechanics they’re testing. Said that, if you’re reading datamining let’s make sure they receive feedback about these mechanics so they know if we like or we don’t like. But always keep in mind it may change or never arrive.

New Tower – Chaos & Order
NPC – Satyr
Mana camp Minion
Increased Movement Speed and Mp5
NPC – S5 Fire Giant’s Might
Grants +50 Magical Power, +35 Physical Power and Regen 2% of your health and 1% of your mana every 5 seconds for the buff duration. Your damage versus Towers and Phoenixes is increased by 20%.
NPC – S5 Fire Giant’s Rage
Grants +90 Magical Power, +60 Physical Power and Regen 4% of your health and 2% of your mana every 5 seconds for the buff duration. Your damage versus Towers and Phoenixes is increased by 20%.
NPC – Enhanced Fire Giant

Adventure 4 – Corrupted / Dungeon

There’s also some reference points to Challenge 05, it could be the adventure after 4 or just mixed up things. It reall looks like Adventure 5 could be a return of Xing tian’s mountain or some features it had, as the hazard, winter knockback..

Adventure 5
Feather Spite
Elder Satyr
Winter Hazard
Winter Winds
Wind Knockback
And here we go again with the Adventure 4

NEW! – Bundle
1 Corrupted Music Theme + 2 + 3 Skin + 4 + Gold Key
NEW! – Map
The map is a corrupted Arena based on Arena Escort.
Owning the bundle gives you x2 Points
Apparently we get points by winning or losing.
Assets / Effects
Meteor knockback


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